A Dominant State of Imperfection and Swagger.

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Articles & Stuff ( Misc ), English
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So I wonder, as a human, is all humans like me?
do we share the same good and bad?
do they think about life and the world like I do?

I doubt it, I doubt that all these people feel this hollow inside them  ..
maybe what is troubling me, is feeling it! maybe .. to everyone it exists .. but not everyone can feel it.

right now, 5/26/2011 .. 5:08 am .. i feel lost.
I feel disconnected with everything, with my outer world with everything it contains but that’s not what bothers me
what really bothers me feeling disconnected with my inner world … my inner world that could – connecting with it – always establish a certain connection with the outside, a relation … establish a meaning!

A meaning …

right now i feel meaningless !
If Descartes said, I think therefore I exist, then ,,, right now .. I don’t exist
maybe only a portion that exists in an unidentified space and time .. and that allows me to write these words

right now .. I can’t make sense of the world .. of my life .. of myself
again I refer to feeling disconnected .. disoriented !
like my stream of consciousness .. that stream that  irrigate every aspects of my life .. has stopped.


what is the ultimate seek of mankind

Power ? that could be in  knowledge? money? dominance?
whatever ….

it’s greed that we nurture on …
we seek perfection … absolute power .. all in everything
we never stop seeking for more .. we never stop
we greed!
I greed!

greed to become wholeness …become  allness .. become simply .. perfect
Omni ….

Poor man .. why do you strive hard to get the one thing you know for sure you won’t have?
why do you strive to become the one thing you know for sure you can’t be?

what guilt inherent in you guides you to your suffering?
what guilt innate in you leads you to be in constant state of denial?

your time here is so tiny that you don’t see it in your rush


Imperfect you are .. full of flaws you are .. benighted you are .. coward you are ..

temporary you are …

In this moment of what may seem to be a clairvoyant sight .. i denounce myself ! i denounce any abilities or capabilities I pretended I had once .. I denounce other beings … I denounce everything that binds me to that place I am now .. I denounce time and space .. I denounce my clairvoyant sight
finally .. I denounce my existence

Man ... what guilt inherent in you guides you to your suffering?


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