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Yesterday the 28th of June, marked a new spark .. that could change the way things will go in the upcoming period in Egypt.
The families of Martyrs were supposed to be honored at Ballon Theater, Strange things happened, the objective confirmed story is yet to be revealed  .. however what is objective and confirmed is that the night ended with attacks by the Central Security Force,  Rubber Bullets and Tear Gas canisters ( Just like the old days) on the families of the martyrs and Egyptian citizens including many activists.

For anyone who is saying that they were merely thugs, well think again! every acclaimed activist was on the streets eye witnessing the riots on a first hand account. with them was the families of the martyrs and pure Egyptian souls afraid on their country.

Today I can say it .. It’s Alive ! Gloriously it is !
The revolution was endangered, but the Egyptians never cease to amaze me! I thought it was the end I thought people would let go, but the people gladly failed me and showed that their finest is not yet seen.

However, we should mature and think very wisely before taking any steps, so we don’t end up making the same mistakes or as Sandmonkey said we don’t end up running in circles.

The following are some Tweets from topnotch bloggers and tweeps.

Wael Ghonim
GhonimWael Ghonim

انفجار الوضع النهاردة نتاج طبيعي للتأخر في المحاكمات وبالونات الاختبار وجس النبض وعدم اتخاذ قرارات ثورية لإصلاح البلد #Jan25 #Egypt


Wael Khalil
waelWael Khalil

بعد احداث الامس واليوم- المطلب الان تطهير الداخلية ومحاكمة القتلة- والقتلة يحبسوا احتياطيا ويعزلوا من مواقعهم فورا- لا تصالح ولا مسامحة


Alaa Abd El Fattah
alaaAlaa Abd El Fattah

everytime police asked for truce or claimed they’ll retreat we stopped attacking, everytime they broke the promise and attacked #Jun28


أوشة أخت مليجي
oshaokhtmeligiأوشة أخت مليجي

احنا في الميدان…: بالمختصر كده عشان الحق انزل تانيناس جات لاهالي الشهدا قالت لهم فيه تكريم في مسرح البالون، في…

oshaokhtmeligiأوشة أخت مليجي

احنا بعد البهدلة دي مالناش مطلب غير حل الداخلية القائمة واعادة بناء داخلية جديدة. #Tahrir


Mahmoud Salem
SandmonkeyMahmoud Salem

Now is the time for the truth and reconciliation committe to be formed. Otherwise we r running in circles that will always include clashes
SandmonkeyMahmoud Salem

The game is this: #moi provokes protesters, protesters respond violently, police shout at protesters & scream “thugs” to destroy their image



Of Nihilism

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Written a long time ago, reading it now I can only think of nonsense.
But I still like it, nostalgic maybe, I remember the feeling and sense it.


Haunted by a daunting fear.
An entity of despair shrugged and pointed at me,I deserve the least for my deeds are the worst
and I am doomed in a darkened realm.

In the darkness I lost a nameless dear.
a foe .. a law .. for my flaws.
and here are burdens for my burdens,
I deserve the least … and a fool I was, for it’s not the least .. but agony that smiles.
agony that smiles .. and flourish inside.

In the realm, melancholy is tender, nihilism is vivid and gentle .. not.
and the once morbid thoughts are now dreams of well-being that will never prevail.

and here are burdens for my burdens of my burdens.

I bite the flesh in the search for existence.
I sip my blood to taste life.
And I wonder .. was it blood ?? was it flesh ??

Ironic .. nihilism is there .. nihilism is material,
a state of delirium in a darkened realm .. how just!

The endless chains carves my shame in my skin.
the endless chains stranding me along and along
and I am nonexistent
I am in the literal .. nowhere!