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Although I always knew it, I acknowledge it now, integrity may not be integrous on a wider perspective and might eradicate itself.

And I should stop denying what I know for hopes and prospects that I already rejected but I used to undermine my judgment and accept it, now it’s not subject to doubt as it was proven empirically.
And now I know I was right.

There must be prices and sacrifices, and if my existence is what’s on the edge; then it’s better to compromise than extinct!
And believe me, for how rogue it might seem, it will be the most noble act and again, objectivity is never objective.

And now I don’t share your views or beliefs except one; the twist of fates which is still a very long shot and which a lot of you don’t believe in and insist on being in denial.
You make yourself perceive that you deserve what you have, try again .. Because it’s WRONG.

And for now, I want to hear no one, speak to no one or see no one! I can’t wish you luck because its man made, and you don’t have the capacity and the capabilities to make it.